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These images are mainly nature photography of rocks, trees and streams, as well as travel photos of European towns in Southern France, Estonia and Scotland. These destinations present a variety of architectural styles to admire.

I pay close attention to the colours, patterns and textures of my surroundings; curving branches, tree bark, stalactites in a cave, or the weathered stone walls of a castle. In some cases I isolate them to make abstract compositions. There is beauty to be found even in cold Canadian winters.


Whiteciff Bay, shoreline with cliffs

In summer 2018, after travelling in Europe, I went to the Isle of Wight to work as a camp coach with a few fellow Canadians. Every weekend some of us crossed back to the mainland to pick up and drop off the kids. From the ferry I photographed the English Channel in various lighting conditions.

If you want to see more of the stories behind the photos, you can find them on these blog articles I wrote (in French):

Camp sur l'île de Wight

La mer et le littoral


Isle of Wight, England

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