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George Wastle

Graphic designer and illustrator

AWP Exhibit 35 George's paintings_edited

I design digital assets for purpose-driven organizations to promote their life-giving work.

Graphic Design Portfolio

These projects are samples of work that I am passionate about. They include graphics used for my art website’s branding and a poster with a quote from one of my favourite authors. See more case studies below.

Graphic Design Portfolio 1.jpg
Graphic Design Portfolio 2.jpg
Graphic Design Portfolio 4.jpg
Graphic Design Portfolio 3.jpg

The sample website design and bus ad emulated the branding of Food for the Hungry, a Christian non-profit whose goal is to end poverty by partnering with vulnerable communities. My design would direct donors to browse the gift guide for supplies and livestock so that struggling families can become self-sustaining.

Graphic Design Portfolio 5.jpg

I found this cover to be overcrowded with all its references to individual songs and no clear focal point. Selecting the essential elements, I recreated it in a more lively 80s-inspired colour theme.

Graphic Design Portfolio 6.jpg

Can I help you with your design needs?

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