The six latest acrylic and watercolour paintings on this page are the product of a 7-week art course I took in Florence, Italy this spring. I was inspired by the colourful houses, magnificent churches and historic buildings, and the Renaissance masterpieces held within.


My earlier oils and acrylics depict close-ups of Canadian landscapes, an aqueduct in Southern France, colourful skies and more experimental pieces. Click on any of these images to expand it and get a closer look.

Circles, curves, spirals and vibrant colors. When I think about spiritual transformation and our place in the universe, these are what come to mind. We can never fully grasp those concepts, yet the mystery is precisely why they can be so fascinating to contemplate. Objects vast and tiny form into spheres, a symbol of perfection. Meanwhile, here on this planet we humans try to make sense of unreachable galaxies and spiritual struggles.

These paintings of mine are an expression of God, His creation and his transformative power. I use the fluidity of diluted paint to make wavy, flowing strokes and emanating circles. For solid forms the paint is layered smoothly. I find a more complete reality by acknowledging both the abstract and the recognizable; warm, glowing colour and inky darkness; God and matter.

Spiritual Series


All artworks © George Wastle, 2020

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