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Art Festival Coming Up

Apr 23, 2022

Mother’s Day is in a couple weeks, so make that weekend special by coming to the Pelham Art Festival that I will take part in, featuring artists from the Niagara region and surrounding areas. They will be selling their fine paintings, sculptures, vessels, photography, jewellery and all kinds of handmade work.

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Illustration Page is Live!

Mar 22, 2022

Happy spring! Now is the time for me to share with you more of the illustration work I have been doing for over a year. The newest page on my website is ready, so enjoy looking through my recent projects! Visit georgesbrightart.com/illustrations, or click one of the images below.


Recently Added Artwork

Shadows of people on stone and grass
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I enjoy making realistic & metaphorical images to explore creative uses of colour, light and shadow.

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